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Stepping Stone NZ provides fast, affordable online support to help you achieve your job & career ambitions. So whether you have got a job, want to get a job or change jobs there’s a package to suit you.

Stepping stone is the brain child of recruitment expert Emily Richards who saw huge gap in the New Zealand market for providing fast, online Job Seeker and Career Support for both Kiwis and those looking to move to NZ from overseas. We provide practical DIY support with a personal twist, your very own coach who is dedicated to help you every step of the way.

There is a tonne of job seeker assistance available online nowadays but few involve one on one coaching, Stepping Stone is truly unique as it offers the speed of online purchasing combined with one on one coaching that is not bound by location.

How we help you and your career…
  1. We listen
  2. We think
  3. We share
  4. We support 

Why use Stepping Stone?

Our coaches all work virtually so where ever you are, we can support you. Whether you need help with a new resume, support acing an interview or creating an awesome online brand via the likes of LinkedIn there is a package to suit you at an affordable price.

For those who are in a job but looking for more or something different our dedicated career coaches will give you the inside scoop on how to take the next step in your career whether it be getting that promotion or completely changing direction.

What Stepping Stone is not...

We do not provide automated or templated resumes or career advise from the 1990's we simply support YOU to create your own unique brand that is a TRUE reflection of your skills, attributes and style giving YOU all the tools to take control of YOUR future.

After all, if you don't control your own destiny, someone else will!

How do I choose a Job Seeker or Career Support package?

Our Job Seeker packages are designed by professionals with over 75 years combined experience in assessing job applications giving us the inside scoop on what recruiters and employers are really looking for from job seekers.

Choose a package to suit you so whether that’s help with job hunting, renovating your resume, acing an interview or energizing your personal brand, you’ll get all the info you need plus help and guidance from one of our friendly coaches.

Our Career Support Packages are designed by HR & Recruitment professionals to give you practical advice and confidence when preparing for promotion, dealing with career curveballs such as restructure, redundancy or changing the direction of your career, simply pick a package that best suits you.


Emily Richards - Stepping Stone Co-FounderEmily Richards
Emily has worked globally in the recruitment industry since 1999 across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Her experience in managing recruitment agencies and consultancies gives her a vast insight into what employers and recruiters really want from job seekers in a competitive market. Emily is a resume connoisseur and an interviewing guru who can give you the inside scoop on job seeking minus the bul*s*it, really preparing you to get ahead of the game.

Victoria Robertson
Victoria has worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, since 2004. With a Graduate Diploma in HRM, and a Degree in Management, business change and transformation, her experience spans over 20 years with corporate entities, small SME, privately owned and independents and multi-nationals, across a variety of industries in an HR, strategy & operations and recruitment capacity.  Used to working to very tight deadlines, budgets and across a variety of stakeholders (internal & external) to achieve and exceed the desired results, Victoria has a personal passion for talent management, developing people, coaching, mentoring and guiding business owners/managers to develop their people to reach their full potential. With a daughter just started school, and living in what some describe as the 'rural' parts of Otago, she lives to the motto of ‘do it once, do it right, do it now’.

Stepping Stone New Zealand is officially endorsed by Dr. Heather Carpenter PH.D

“The Stepping Stone concept is a truly unique approach to Job Seeker and Career Support in New Zealand, people now need practical advice and support quickly so online packages are a great and affordable way of accessing information and personal coaching instantly”

Dr Heather Carpenter is a Careers Consultant and Counsellor with over 15 years experience in education and private practice. With a PH.D in Career Management and extensive involvement in designing and producing career programmes as well as lecturing in career practice at Otago Polytechnic, Heather is a patron of Stepping Stone NZ.

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