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Stepping Stone NZ is here to personally help and support you through the stressful process of finding a job, getting promoted, making a career change or dealing with any type of career curveball.

There are an enormous amount of applicants for jobs - competition is fierce - and your prospective employer is looking for just one person.

Ask yourself - if an employer spends an average of just 15 seconds reviewing a CV, how much value do you think there is in making sure your CV ends up on the top of their pile?

Or - when it comes to interview time, do you know all about competency and behavioural based interview techniques? Do you know how to answer those prickly questions?


CV & Resume Support, Stepping Stone New ZealandInvesting in your employability by improving your resume/cv or interview skills is one of the smartest things you can do. 

To even save yourself two or three weeks job hunting far and outweighs the investment in these help and support packages. 

So if you need a job, want a better job, want to change jobs or simply need help navigating workplace curveballs like redundancy or restructure or a new manager check out our packages and get the support you need from people who know the game.

Resume/CV, Job Interview Coaching & Personal Brand Packages

Our Job Seeker packages are designed specifically for people who want to;

Internal Promotion, Career change & curveball packages

Our Career Support Packages are designed specifically for people who;

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